Archeological museum


The Museum was founded in 1867 by the Royal Decree of Queen Isabel II, because of the need to preserve, classify and explain the archeological remains gathered by the Spanish crown that were on display both in the cabinet of natural history and in the Royal Library until that time.

The Museum has an important collection of Etruscan, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman remains.

From the Iberian collection we can be highlighted: The Lady of Elche and the Lady of Baza; the Visigoth Treasure of Guarrazar, and the medieval Madonna with child.

Although there are no original archeological remains, the museum exhibits a remarkable reproduction of the prehistoric paintings of the caves of Altamira in Santander.

Visit timetable and rates

Entrance is free

  • From Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:30 to 20:00 h.
  • Sundays and Holidays from 9:30 to 15:00 h.


  • All Mondays.
  • January 1st and 6th. May 1st. December, 24th, 25th y 31st.
  • For other Holidays please check: 91.577.79.12

C/ Serrano, 13
28001 Madrid