Cathedral, Segovia


Built on the highest point of the city, the late Gothic style Cathedral of Segovia began construction in 1525 under Emperor Carlos I after a fire burned the old Romanesque cathedral in 1520.


The cathedral is divided in 3 aisles with chapels and ends at a semicircular altar. The nave is 105 feet long, 50 m wide and 33 m in height.
The temple was built according to design of Juan Gil de Hontañón and has three gates. In its main facade is the Door of Forgiveness by John Guides, and on the south side the San Geroteo Gate and the Gate of San Frutos.


The altarpiece is made of marble, jasper and bronze.
The cathedral was consecrated in 1768.
Also of interest is the Cathedral Museum which contains various pieces of silver, documents, rugs, tables by Berruguete and Sánchez Coello and codices, among other treasures.