The facade is divided into two parts; the upper one that has no notable embellishment and the lower one, which has six pedestals on which the marble statues of the Kings of Judah stand in allusion to the temple of Solomon.

In the center of these sculptures Kings David and Solomon are represented, and the rest of the sculptures represent the following:

Jehoshaphat, with a scepter in his right hand, and an ax and a lamb in the left; Hezekiah, with a boat accompanied by a goat; David ,with a harp and a sword; Solomon, with a book in his left hand; Josiah, with a scepter in his left hand and the book of law in his right; and Manasseh, with a square and a compass.

The legend says that each statue was made from a single rock, named Berrueco. This type of rock could be seen near the seat of Emperor Philip II, a promontory from which he monitored the progress of the complex’s construction.