Goya Museum Pantheon

This museum has the charm and the peacefulness of a little hermitage located in the centre of Madrid and where Goya immortalized his work by stamping his genius, the vividness of their colors and the strength of his painting on the frescoes of the vault of the chapel.

The museum and pantheon of the great painter Francisco de Goya, is located in the Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida.

Although Goya died in exile in Bordeaux, his remains were moved to Madrid in 1919 to rest in the Hermitage where they are buried today.

In 1798, in this chapel, called the Sixtine Chapel of Madrid, Goya emulates frescoes of Michelangelo from Rome, representing the people of Madrid witnessing a miracle.

An artist from the likes of Goya, who has left us a large, worthy and rich legacy, died without making a will "because he had nothing… "