La casa de los picos


The house of peaks is a Renaissance style mansion from the fifteenth century. At the front be sure to notice the arch and the curved stones. On the balcony the house owners’ coat of arms is located. The hall and the courtyard are decorated with tiles from Talavera on which different buildings of Segovia are painted.

The origin of it unique facade seems to be from the time of the Moorish invasion the house seems to have belonged to a rich Moor. When they were expelled in 1492, it became the property of a noble and the house was still known as the "house of the Moor." The new owner wanted to change thename and asked advice from a friend. This friend advised changing some of the facade to draw people’s attention to something different and to start calling the house by a different name.  The noble demanded the facade to be covered with peaks. Thereafter, it was the Casa de los Picos (House of peaks).