Madrid Río


Madrid Río large park over 10 kilometers long alongside the banks of the Manzanares River, installed with vegetation and sporting facilities for recreational and cultural activities.

17 new bridges and walkways were built for people to move along both banks. The twin Greenhouse and the Slaughterhouse walkways have vaults decorated with mosaics designed by Daniel Canogar. It’s also noted for the Green Bridge, the Y bridge, and the monumental Bridge of Arganzuela designed by Dominique Perrault. The existing Segovia, Toledo and King Bridges have been converted for pedestrian and bicycle use. Old river dams have been adapted to allow people to cross the river.

Madrid Beach


As one famous song said there is one thing missing for Madrid to be perfect: a beach.

After the restructuring of Madrid Río, Madrid now has what’s called an urban beach, proposed by young students in a children's competition of ideas for the city. The beach of Madrid has three areas of water for different uses: a surface layer of water to swim, water jets, and a pond with water sprays. In addition there are green meadows with umbrellas and lounge chairs along the riverside for sun bathing.


Pine tree park

In this park there are 6 kilometers of trees with children’s play areas. It also offers exercise circuits and rest areas. This long walk of pine trees is traversed by pedestrian and bike routes, and goes from King's Bridge in the north to near the southern junction.

Arganzuela Park

With 23 hectares of landscaped gardens it is the the main garden area of Madrid Río. There are bike and pedestrian paths throughout the park, and five playgrounds with jungle trees and hill slides.


The orchard features a fruit tree garden similar to those planted in the sixteenth century in the Palacio de Vargas. This new orchard has 837 trees of different species: almonds, pears, quinces, plums, olives, walnuts, apples, mulberries and figs.

Other smaller parks and gardens have been created like Aniceto Marinas, the park of the Virgen del Puerto, and the gardens of the Segovia and Toledo Bridges. The entire area forms part of major corridor that links other green spaces between Getafe and El Pardo in the north.


Bike trail

The bike trail in Madrid Río is 30 km in length and connected with other existing trails. The demand for cycling is not only a recreational sport area but also as an alternative way to travel within Madrid.

The bike trail is connected with other popular trails like GR7 to the Sierra in the north or Tierno Galvan Park in the south.

More sports

In addition there are 42 miles of footpaths fo running or walking; several paddle and tennis courts; an extreme BMX circuit; a climbing wall with different user levels; a skate park; 7 and 11 man soccer pitches; a basketball court; and rowing and canoeing water trails among dams 8 and 9.