Restaurants in Segovia


The gastronomy of Segovia has perfectly combined dishes and traditional recipes for over 300 years, with innovative techniques to achieve the current exquisite cuisine, rich in local products.

There are dishes that must be sampled when dining in Segovia:

Cochinillo: Suckling pig, a days old pig to which just water and salt is added, then baked in a wooden oven. As a proof of the tenderness of the meat, it´s chopped with a plate in front of the diner.

Judiones de la Granja. A stew of local white beans made in a crock pot and cooked over low heat for 45 minutes. It´s considered one of the most delicious and tasteful dishes of Segovia's exquisite cuisine.

Sopa Castellana.  Garlic soup.  A hot soup of humble origin, whose raison d’être comes from the use of previous day's bread. This soup contains primarily: water, bread, garlic, egg, oil and paprika.

In the past, breakfast was just a cup of coffee, so in order to maintain strength and daily activity on such cold winter days, a couple of hours later, a portion of garlic soup was necessary. It is usually eaten with an egg or two cooked by the heat of the soup.

Ponche Segoviano. A sponge cake dessert, covered with marzipan, icing sugar and caramel, whose recipe has been passed down for generations from father to son.

There are two famous restaurants in Segovia, where you can try any of the above recommended dishes: Cándido and Duque. The first one is located just in front the Roman aqueduct and the other one is a few hundred meters away on the Calle Real.

There are some other choices that you can try while in Segovia. We recommend El Tunel, just in front of the aqueduct on the other side of Candido. In El Tunel you can eat same quality dishes at much more affordable prices. It has the best terrace in Segovia, from where you can admire the Roman aqueduct while eating or drinking.