A perfect activity for the whole family. Faunia is an amazing theme park where several biological ecosystems are represented for your enjoyment. An exciting variety of activities can be performed: from seeing how a bobcat hunts at night; getting wet in the rain forest or even sleeping next to penguins, is possible.
Faunia is classified into thematic areas:

Lake Theater: In the great amphitheater a show of seals, sea lions and fur seals can be viewed. There is also another attraction where birds of prey such as eagles, falcons and vultures fly over the head of the public.

Lake: a large freshwater lake where carp and sea birds such as flamingos live for your own entertainment. On the island, capuchin monkeys are fun for people.

Butterfly: A splendid tropical garden with thousands of butterflies fluttering freely. Carnivorous plants can also be observed.

Beehive:  Where you can learn how bee hives work.

The night: Bats, owls and bobcats in their own real ecosystems.

Polar ecosystem: Largest polar ecosystem is Europe, with 12 Papuan and 12 Magellan penguins, 3 pairs of gulls, 14 pairs of geese, 17 puffins, guillemots and 6 auks.

The jungle: Monkeys and manatees in a real warm tropical jungle.

Evolution: Hundreds of insects along a large mound in full activity, revealing its way of life. Here you can discover the origin of life.

Aviary: Birds fly and walk around you.

Wallaby: A replica of the Australian bush, where wallabies, kangaroos and emus live in continual fun.

Jurassic: A tour of the dinosaurs and their myths, where scale reproductions of these reptiles are represented.

Mazama Island. An island where mazama, coatis and capybaras can be seen.

And especially recommended for children:
- The Farm. Where goats, pigs, donkeys and endnos Vietnamese dwarfs can be fed and enjoyed by kids.
- Nestle. About 40 chicks hatch every day before your own eyes.


Booth Rates

Internet Rates

Adults (8-64 years of age)

25,50 €

23,90 €

Children (3-7 years of age)

19,50 €

18,10 €

Seniors (+ 65 years of age)

19,50 €

18,10 €

Parking 5€ a day.

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