Flamenco means joy, strength, and passion. The way it touches people's feelings deep inside makes it a universal art well known in the four corners of the globe.

Celebrities from all around the world, such as Gary Cooper, Rita Hayworth and Charlton Heston in the past; Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman or Richard Gere more recently; politicians like George Bush, Nixon, Kennedy and Kissinger; geniuses such as Picasso and Dalí; have all devoted and surrendered themselves to the passion of Flamenco when visiting Madrid.

Madrid, as like many other fields, has become the stage and temple where anyone who wants to consecrated in this art must act.

Theaters, tablaos, and cafes are the ideal places to experience the sadness of Cante Jondo to the infectious joy of the Rumba.

La Chunga, Lola Flores, Pastora Imperio, El Lebrijano, Cortes, Rocio Molina, Alejandro Granados, El Negri, Lole Montoya, Diego el Cigala, Raimundo Amador and Ketama, among others, have all made a mark in Flamenco.

Superbly decorated tablaos immerse spectators in the magic of the show, and offer not only flamenco but also an excellent dinner or just a drink. If you want to continue the fiesta, there are places that keep Flamenco alive until well into the early morning.

The Juerga is an informal, spontaneous Gypsy gathering, similar to a jazz "jam session". A Juerga always includes dancing, singing, and palmas (hand-clapping), or simply pounding in rhythm on an old orange crate or table. In this context Flamenco is organic and dynamic: it can be adapted to local talent, instrumentation, and mood of the audience.