Good restaurants

Madrid, has significantly contributed to world leading Spanish cuisine, with: 10 Michelin awarded restaurants and excellent homemade cuisine at neighborhood restaurants and of course its famous and delicious Tapas.

Thanks to chefs likes Ferran Adria, who has led and developed the cuisine from its original standards to set it at state of the Art, his restaurant: El Bulli, was crowned as the best restaurant in the world during the last decade. It´s not only him but, a handful of Basque chefs, among which we can point out Juan Mari Arzak, Spain has replaced France as the gastronomic temple where everybody wants to book a table to delight the palate.

Without a doubt, Madrid, has significantly contributed to it, thanks to a large staff of cooks on the forefront row as evidenced by the ten restaurants awarded with Michelin stars.

But Madrid eats at more simple restaurants, from whose stoves is served excellent homemade food.

In Madrid, we also like to stand while we eat, leaning on the counter of a bar, where between caña (beer) and caña (beer) or wine and wine we enjoy some tapas.

But remember that we don’t  survive just on tapas and cañas, Madrid has the second largest fresh fish market in the world after Tokyo. We also enjoy the best vegetables you will ever find thanks to the proximity of the Mediterranean's agricultural production and of course a very good meat from the north of Spain that can be compared with the best Kobe Wagyu.


Pan de Lujo