Hidden wonders

Our proposal here is for you to visit a different Madrid, to discover the hidden wonders of Madrid, to find the special places that are hidden even for Madrid inhabitants of its wonderful city.

Aside from the touristic tours and typical monuments, there are some other marvels that you shouldn't miss.

London? Changing of the Royal Guard at Buckingham Palace?

No, Its Madrid, which has recovered an ancient custom started over 100 years ago in the early nineteenth century with King Alfonso XII, continued with his son Alfonso XIII, grandfather of the current king. The changing of the guard is done on the first Wednesday of each month in memory of that old daily custom. The royal guard displays a gorgeous exhibition filled with colorful martial precision.

Tropical forest in the Caribbean?

No, it´s Madrid. The exotic green forest in Atocha train station.

An amazing tropical forest, a world unique in its features. Located in the same place where the tracks and platforms of the old station were placed. Opened in 1992, today it has 4,000 square meters of green areas and a total of 7,200 plants of 260 species from different places like: India, Australia and China, among others.

The Washingtonia "in honor of George Washington, the first U.S. president. It height 30-40 meters.

The coconut trees, the Cuban royal palm, the banana, the heliconia, and palms bottles, which are extinct in their natural habitat.

The legs of elephants and birds of paradise.

All they contribute to recreate a real rainforest.
The rubber tree, with which the Aztecs made shoes and balls to play a kind of soccer game.
There are even turtles in the pond and about 200 fish of 22 different species that serve as an ideal complement to the greenhouse.

Chicago´s skyline?

No, it´s Madrid. The new skyline bordered by the new four skyscrapers, the highest point in the city, located up in the north of Madrid, are visible almost from any point of the city.

Caja Madrid Tower, built by Sir Norman Foster, is the tallest building in Spain with 250m height, organized in ways similar to a shelf.

Crystal Tower, of 249m in height, built by Cesar Pelli the architect responsible for the Petronas towers.

Sacyr Tower 236m height, built by Carlos Rubio Carvajal, who designed this building with a floor of an equilateral triangle, whose special provision provides a minimum resistance to wind and its the only tower with double-skin facade that is completely covered by glass scale mode.

Espacio Tower of 224m height. Its windows are placed opposite to each other, those on the left to the right and backward, giving the building a unique balance and aerodynamics.

Paris, book´s store at Siena bank?

No, it´s Madrid. Book shop sales on the street. Close to the Retiro Park, there are dozens of book stalls out of which you can find second hand bargains or latest top best sellers.

From the ancient fairs held in Madrid, just a few still survive, one of them is this one which became permanent, and is held next to Atocha, on Cuesta Moyano Street.

In 1925 the replacement of pine drawers where the books were displayed by the permanent establishment of stands was to a maximum authorized of 30.

A more proper location has long been discussed for, but it has finally been located on the site it is today,  since 1925.

Byzantine style Church´s in Istanbul?

No, it´s Madrid. Over 100 years ago, in 1902, San Manuel and San Benito Church were built the best Byzantine style sample in Madrid.

Barcelona? Gaudi modern style building?

No, it´s Madrid.

CaixaForum at Paseo del Prado is the latest addition to the already greatest cultural offerings of the Walk of Art. It was opened in 2008.

The complex was built by the prestigious architectural Swiss firm ´Herzog & De Meuron', who managed to build a museum from scratch, respecting the old power station style. Most striking of all is the vertical green garden, a work of French botanist Patrick Blanc. The garden occupies the dividing wall to the adjacent building and consists of 15,000 plants of 250 different species.

Abu Shimbel, Egypt?

No, it´s Madrid. Debod Egyptian temple.

The Debod Temple was a gift from the Egyptian government to Spain.
The temple was located in Low Nubia, close to the first waterfall.
Its construction began under the Ptolemaic dynasty and was finished under the Roman Emperor Adriano.

If you want to read more about it, click on Debod Temple.


No, it´s Madrid. The Royal Tapestry where gorgeous tapestries to decorate the royal palaces are sewed.

King Felipe V, who was used to the luxury of the French court, clashed with the austerity of the former Hapsburg court. In order to meet the required luxury demanded to decorate the rooms of the new palaces, he founded the Royal Tapestry Factory in 1721.
Francisco de Goya was the most prominent painter of those who worked in the factory.
Previously the plant had an obligation to teach young people who wished to learn the noble art of weaving carpets and rugs, and so it has been done to this day.


No, it´s Madrid. The second hand swap market opens on Sunday mornings.

More than a set of shops, it´s an open market, that encroaches on the street on Sundays where thousands of locals go in search of a lost treasure at a bargain price.

Sunday mornings, between a lot of junk, were things of merit, which attracted more and more public in search of bargain and opportunities.

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San Francisco? Noel & Castro street?

No, it´s Madrid, the Chueca quarter, a fancy and modern neighborhood that has been restored by the gay community.