The Planetarium aims to spread Astronomy and Science and return visitors to the lost relationship with the Cosmos and promote it through the access to the astronomical knowledge in all its forms in an affordable way to everyone.

Located at the Parque Tierno Galván, at a height of 600 meters, it becomes a great viewpoint from which a wide panorama of much of the city of Madrid can be seen .

There is a multi view system consisting of 100 slide projectors that fill the entire dome, producing scenic effects: single hemispherical images and the ability to project in any area of the dome.

There are also 50 special effects projectors to simulate the solar system, stellar explosions, pulsars, black holes, galaxies and so on. On the other hand, video projectors, video disc recorders and readers and a sound system of 24 speakers evenly distributed with 6,000 watts of power with the sub bass reinforced.

But the most important thing at the planetarium is it optical star projector, which is a set of projectors, gears and shafts that can represent realistically, the appearance of a starry night, and all their movements and those of the planets. Today there are other types of projectors that offer great potential but have not yet succeeded in surpassing the naturalness of the optical planetary stars.

Entry to exhibitions, videos and audio is free.

Prices for access to the projection room are:

Adults:                                    3, 55€

Children from 2 to 14              1, 55€

Over 65                                  1, 55€

The seats are not numbered. The ticket price is per person and per session.

How to get there:

By Bus

  • Bus 148 - Plaza Callao / Puente Vallecas.
  • Bus 156 - Manuel Becerra / Legazpi.
  • Bus 8 - Legazpi / Valdebernardo. Stop at Méndez Álvaro - Pedro Bosch.
  • Bus 102 - Gta. Emperador Carlos V / Pozo del Tío Raimundo. Stop at Méndez Álvaro - Avda del Planetario.
  • Bus 152 - Avda. Felipe II / Méndez Álvaro. Stop at Méndez Álvaro - Avda. del Planetario.
  • By Subway
  • Line 6  (grey):

By Local Train

Lines C5, C7B y C10:  Méndez Alvaro stop.