Real Fabrica de Tapices

It was a factory where just Art with a capital A was produced. Carpets and tapestries were woven with care to be displayed with pride on the walls and floors of the palaces of the eighteenth century.

A few Masters interpreted works of art painted by geniuses like Goya, by sewing thread by thread to compose brilliantly amazing works based on simple interlocking threads.

The museum is open for your enjoyment thanks to the persistence and perseverance of the last representative of the Stuyck family that has owned the factory since the seventeenth century.

This centuries-old factory was founded in 1721 by King Philip V of Spain, following the model of the royal French workshops. On its walls is a magnificent collection of tapestries, carpets and paintings of the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Of interest is the collection of tapestries that were interpreted according to the 63 sketches painted by Goya for this royal factory.