Madrid overview

In 1561, Emperor Felipe II moved the court and the capital of Spain to Madrid , making it the largest, most prosperous, and modern city in Spain. Madrid's economic growth has helped it attain the third highest GDP in the EEC.  It is the third richest city in Europe and the 23rd in the world.

Madrid is not just about wealth. Madrid also manages to perfectly blend wealth and welfare, business and , good weather and excellent cuisine. Thanks to this it was ranked within the top ten most livable cities in the world in 2010.


Madrid can be considered the green capital of Europe.  It has the highest number of trees and green surface per inhabitant in Europe.


 Madrid's sun illuminates a shiny blue sky all year round, with more than 2.800 hours of sun a year.


Madrid has a huge population of about 5 million inhabitants, ranking it third in terms of population in Europe after London and Paris.