Three days tour


First Day

In the morning.

We suggest you to start from the Puerta del Sol , the hub of Madrid, where you will find the clock of the twelve grapes, the kilometer zero landmark, and the symbol of Madrid: the bear and the strawberry, as well the statue of the King Carlos III, to whom Madrid owes what it is today.

Walk down to Plaza de Oriente by way of pedestrian Arenal Street. Plaza de Oriente is from where everything started in Madrid, as it was the place out from which King Alfonso VI built old Madrid.

If the weather is nice, take your time to enjoy a coffee or a hot chocolate with churros at the outdoor terrace at the Cafe de Oriente , facing the Royal Palace and the Cathedral , probably the best view of Madrid!

The Palace is worth a visit to see how kings used to live in the 18th-century. There are some rooms that have been kept exactly as they were in the times of King Carlos III.

Take a look at the Cathedral with its mix of different styles combined perfectly. Inside you'll find an beautiful church.

Then walk down Mayor Street to the Plaza de la Villa , where the oldest buildings in Madrid can be found. City hall was located here until 2010 when it was moved to the Palacio de Comunicaciones . Visit the restored Mercado de San Miguel ,the latest example of iron style, where you can enjoy a typical Spanish snack in one of the many bars.

Plaza Mayor is quite close, so continue there to admire its fresco painted facades, hundreds of people walking around visiting its historic shops, and the size of the square itself. It's one of the most beautiful squares in Europe!

It's time to think of lunch, our suggestion is to visit Botín , the oldest restaurant in the world, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Hemingway wrote about eating here.

After lunch.

Go back to Puerta del Sol and take the Carrera de San Jeronimo Street, you'll face the Parliament on your left hand side, it's easy to recognizeby the two lions guarding the main gate. Walk down to  Neptune Fountain. Surround the Prado museum, leaving it on your right hand side to enter the Retiro park, the most popular green area for locals.

If you want to relax for a while after lunch, rent a boat in the lake and go rowing for an hour.

Leave the Retiro by the north east gate and you’ll find the  Puerta de Alcalá, a gate that was built to commemorate and welcome the queen.

Now take Serrano Street, where the Golden Mile starts, where all luxury brands have opened shops. Take a look at the shop windows and buy something if you can afford it!

If you keep walking down Serrano you’ll find, Columbus square featuring gardens with huge concrete sculptures honoring of the Discovery of America.

For dinner we suggest having a Spanish dinner consisting of our traditional and delicious Tapas. . Plaza de Santa Ana is the place!  Plenty of outdoor bars host locals and visitors devoted to Tapas. If you are so inclined check our selection of the best Tapas bars.

It’s your first day in Madrid, you can’t feel tired yet. What about the challenge of Madrid at night? The city offers unlimited live music, discos, cocktails bars, or just a drink in one of the many terraces.


Second Day

In the morning

We believe that the best way to start the day is with a good breakfast. Cafe Gijón in Paseo de la Castellana Street is a good choice, a place where writers and people from the arts gather for intellectual talks. Today we suggest seeing some of the best paintings in the world located in any of the museums at the  walk-of-art: Prado, Thyssen, Reina Sofía and Caixa Forum.

Once you finish your breakfast, let's visit the Prado Museum, probably the best museum for paintings in the world. The museum offers different tours depending on your available time. You can spend several hours admiring masters such as Velazquez, Goya, El Greco, and Rubens, among others.

Then if you cross the street, you'll find the vertical garden of CaixaForum, unique in its style. Now choose between either the Thyssen or Reina Sofia and visit their permanent collections.

Lunch time! Why don't you follow in President Clinton’s footsteps when he came to Spain, invited by King Juan Carlos, and enjoy "huevos estrellados" at  Casa Lucio?

After lunch

For a light meal, stroll around Cava Baja, the typical old neighborhood of Madrid.

Then go to Gran Vía, which just recently turned 100 years old, and discover how our former cinema hub is being transformed into a commercial fashion district. Take pedestrian Fuencarral Street for cutting-edge shops and walk around the gay neighborhood of Chueca. The neighborhood has been renovated and is now one of the most attractive areas.

Don't miss the sunset at  Debod temple. a gift from Egypt to Spain, where you can feel like a pharaoah in far and exotic Egypt.

Today we suggest something different for dinner. At  Atocha train station, surrounded by a unique and spectacular tropical forest, you’ll be taken to the far Samarkanda. If you book a table at the restaurant, ask to be seated in the outdoor pavilion.

If you don't have to wake up early, do what you didn't do yesterday: Live music bars, discos, cocktails...

Third day

Today let’s move from Madrid and visit  Toledo, a unique ancient city full of charm and history, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Toledo is the city of the three cultures from the three single faith religions: Muslim, Jewish and Christian, all of which left imprints on the city.

Toledo was the capital of Spain in the times of Emperor Carlos I, and it is steeped in history today as it was in ancient times: in every alley, under every cobblestone, in every building, behind every corner. Its unique artistic heritage is palpable on any stroll. Churches, synagogues, convents, the city wall, bridges and towers all make Toledo an endless museum to be discovered among its narrow streets.

Toledo's gastronomy is based on traditional Spanish cuisine. You can eat at any of the several restaurants (Mesones) that you encounter in the city and enjoy the specialty: lamb.

Back in Madrid after experiencing Toledo’s culture, art and history, why don't we have fun attending one of the fantastic  musicals   that play every week in our theaters?

After the musical you will find several bars nearby the theater where you can enjoy a nice dinner.After the musical you will find several bars nearby the theater where you can enjoy a nice dinner.