Apart from standard public transport, there are different ways to move around Madrid. We believe and recommend that the best way to discover the city is on foot, but there are also many other ways to travel.


Although Madrid isn't as prepared for bikers as other European cities, locals are slowly taking advantage by using their bikes to travel around the city.

You can enjoy Madrid by bike by renting a bike from some of the bike hiring companies in the center of the city.



The segway is a fun, safe, and easy way to discover Madrid as it is designed to move about city streets. It’s a good choice to discover the center of the city at your own leisure, avoiding traffic jams and parking restrictions.


The GoCar is an entirely new way to explore the city. These nifty yellow convertibles talk to you and take you on a city tour. The advanced navigational capabilities of the GPS deliver an informative tour, high-ighting the specific locations throughout Madrid while you drive.