Secret Madrid


There is another city, a secret, amazing and magical Madrid unknown to many tourists. These fascinating and magic places are hidden to most of the people who live in Madrid. These special sites, charming hotels and cozy restaurants that we have selected for you, as well as amazing museums, are now just one click away for your full enjoyment.

Hidden wonders


When you travel abroad, it’s always good if someone shows you places where you can feel and breathe the unique atmosphere of the city. Here we want to be your friend!

Cozy restaurants


There are so many good restaurants in Madrid, including Michelin starred ones, but here we show you those restaurants which are special to us, where you can enjoy warm service, sample fabulous cuisine and take in the cozy decoration.

Amazing and fascinating museums


Madrid has fascinating and fantastic art museums, but there are some smaller ones which can compete with their big brothers thanks to their special and unique character.

Charm hotels


Our hotels have great value for the money. Would you prefer to stay at a small, charming hotel? This is what we propose in this chapter.