Originally created in 1770 by King Carlos III, but moved to its current place in 1972. It's divided into eighteen thematic areas:

1. Lake, flamingos, pelicans and cranes
2. The aquatic animals: seals, lions and penguins
3. The Chinese pavilion, one of the most  visited, thanks to the Panda Bear
4. Asian Pavilion: elephants, Indian rhinoceros and yaks among others
5. The American pavilion and Asiatic bears
6. The small farm
7. The big cats pavilion: Lynx, Siberian tigers and Bengal, Lions and Leopards
8. Madagascar: Lemurs
9. Primates Pavilion: Borneo Orangutan and gibbons, chimpanzees and baboons
10. The prairie Africa: Giraffes, zebras, ostriches, wildebeests, rhinos, hippos
11. Sahara Desert, camels, gazelles and Oryx
12. African Jungle: Cranes, buffalo and antelope
13. Land of Gorillas: Gorillas and giant tortoises
14. The South American prairie: Tapir and giant anteaters
15. The American Prairie: Bison
16. Flag of Australia: Kangaroo, Koalas and Wallabies
17. Hall of Mammals: Raccoons, fox, wild boar and Peccary
18. European flag: red deer, European bison, boar, orzo, goat, deer, moose, mouflon, and Eagle Owl