The most important bullring in the world, known as The Monumental was built upon the request of a famous torero named Joselito who believed that the former ring was too small for the numerous fans that followed bullfighting.

Construction started in 1929, finished in 1931, and was officially inaugurated in 1934 with a bullfight featuring three great masters: Belmonte, Lalanda and Cagancho.

It was erected in a Moorish style, with a brick facade exterior and a metal interior, and is decorated with tiles that represent all the Spanish provinces.


The bullfight season starts in March and finishes in October.

The Saint Isidro Fair, is the most important bullfighting festival of all, and it was originally promoted by Livino Stuyck, the owner of the Royal Tapestry Factory. The fair is held every year in May.

The best and most expensive seats are in the shade, and the cheapest seats can be found in the area exposed to sunlight during the bullfight.


In each bullfight, six bulls are killed by three toreros. Both one or two ears and the tail are given to the torero as a reward for a great performance. If the torero totals at least two ears in the bullfight, he is taken out of the bullring on the shoulders of the spectators through the main gate as a sign of recognition and respect.

The most successful toreros to have been taken out through the main gate ever are:

El Viti, 14 times; Paco Camino, 12; Antonio Bienvenida, 11;  Antonio Vázquez, 10; Francisco Ruiz Miguel, 10; Diego Puerta, 8; Manuel Benítez El Cordobés, 8.


There is also a museum inside the ring open to visitors.