Weather Overview


The weather in Madrid is nice all year round. Madrid has a continental-Mediterranean climate, thanks to its altitude (650m).

The weather in Madrid is renowned for its lovely sunny days with about 3.000 hours of sunshine a year!

Since Madrid is located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, our continental climate causes the temperatures to soar in July and August to temperatures of 35º C or more.

During the winter months of December to February temperatures drop to their lowest point of the year, between 0ºC to a maximum of about 12ºC around midday.  On rare occasions temperatures can drop to several degrees below 0ºC.

The yearly average is about 14ºC. The winter average hovers around 5ºC, and during summer around 25ºC. Temperatures can be as low as 0ºC in winter and up to 40ºC in summer. Rain is more common in autumn and spring, while summer is especially dry.

Autumn and spring offer the most moderate weather conditions and are the ideal times to visit Madrid.


What to wear

If you are coming to Madrid between March to June or September to October it's advisable to pack some warmer items, including a light jacket for cool nights.

Even if it’s sunny, during December, January, and February it can still get chilly.  Make sure you’ve got a coat for these months.

It gets very hot in July and August, so shorts, t-shirts, and maybe a light sweater at night are appropriate.