Barajas is the main international airport in Spain, 4th in Europe and 11th in the world, designed to manage 70 million passengers annually.

Located 13km from Madrid, it could be considered the international airport with best and the cheapest communication within the capital thanks to the subway and bus public transport.

Terminal 4 was built recently, in February 2006, designed by the famous architects: Lamela & Rogers. T-4 is one of the world's largest airport terminals in terms of area, with 760,000 square meters.

The illumination within the airport was designed by using glass panes instead of walls, and numerous domes in the roof which allow natural light to pass through.

T-4 houses Iberia and all airlines that belong to the One World alliance. T-1, T-2 and T-3 are booked for the other Spanish airlines: Air Europa and Spanair as well as their partner airlines in the two alliances to which they belong respectively: Sky team and Star alliance.

Flight classifications

Flights are classified, according to their origin or destination, in three groups: Schengen, EU Non-Schengen and other Countries.

Schengen Countries

Flights with origin in, or with destination to countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement. Citizens from these following countries may cross internal borders freely. Domestic flights are considered Schengen flights.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Iceland (non-EU), Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein (non-EU), Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway (non-EU), Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland (non-EU).

Non-Schengen EU Countries

Flights with origin in, or with destination to European Union member states that have not joined the Schengen agreement, there is no free circulation for these people:

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, United Kingdom, Romania.

Other Countries

Flights with origin in, or with destination to non-European Union member states that have not joined the Schengen agreement.

Check in

You must check in your luggage at the desk assigned to your airline for your flight, where you will get your boarding card and luggage receipt.

You should go to the check-in desk by the time indicated by the airline, in case no time is given, it is important that you find out from there sufficiently in advance.

Passenger with reduced mobility.

In compliance to the European regulation, Barajas operates an assistance service for passengers with reduced mobility. In general, service provided to passengers with reduced mobility consists of:

  • At the departure airport: Collection of the person at the Meeting Point, assisting the person with their hand luggage and accompanying the person to the check-in desk; assistance with check-in procedures, accompanying the person to the boarding area, passing through the security checkpoints, customs, etc.; boarding the aircraft, and accompanying the person to their seat.
  • At the arrival airport: Assistance with hand luggage, accompanying the person from their seat to the door of the airline and debarkation; transfer to the baggage hall, passing through the required controls, and transferring from there to the Meeting Point in the destination airport (if it is in a European Member State).
  • In transits/connections the necessary assistance will be provided to successfully carry out the transit or transfer, including boarding, debarkation, transfer through the terminal, etc.

Car Parking

There are seven public car parks: Car parks P1, P2 and P4 (located in terminal buildings T1, T2/3 and T4 respectively); the short stay car park (T2); the VIP car park for T1, T2 and T3, the VIP car park for T4 and a long-stay car park.

City Express bus to Airport:

Fare: 2 Euros. Pay the driver in cash when you get in. Travel takes about 40 minutes depending upon the traffic. Bus connects Atocha with the airport 24hours a day, with a frequency of 15 minutes during the day and 35 minutes during the night

Line Express:



Atocha-Airport: Atocha, Cibeles, O'Donnell (at crossroad with Doctor Esquerdo), T4, T2 and T1.

Airport-Atocha: T4,T2, T1, O'Donnell (at crossroad with Doctor Esquerdo), Cibeles and Atocha.


T4, T2 and T1, Arrivals.


Line 8. Nuevos Ministerios-Airport T4

T4, floor -1
T2, first floor access to the Underground from the airport is via the connecting passageway to car park P2, in the centre of the terminal.
Consult timetables and fares at Madrid Underground.

Remember that it´s necessary to pay 1e extra to enter and exit the airport stations (T1,2,3 and T4).

Subway connects you with local train and long distance network in few minutes.




Official taxis are white with a red line on the front doors. To take a taxi you must go to the appropriate taxi spot. Ignore any drivers who offer their services unsolicited inside the terminals. Make sure that the taxi driver has started up the taximeter at the start of the journey (minimum fare). A bill should be requested in case of any complaint.

  • T4 ground floor. Arrivals
  • T1 ground floor. Arrivals. Opposite lounge 2.
  • T2 ground floor. Arrivals. Opposite lounge 5.
  • T3 ground floor. Arrivals. Opposite lounge 7.

Minimum fare:

Monday to Saturday, 06.00 to 21.00, €2.10.

Monday to Friday, 21.00 to 06.00, €2.20.

Sundays and public holidays, 06.00 to 21.00, €2.20.

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, 21.00 to 06.00, €3.10.

Prices per kilometer:

Monday to Friday except public holidays (06.00 to 21.00) and Saturdays except public holidays (06.00 to 15.00), each kilometer in zone A, €1 (price rate 1); in zone B, €1.17 (price rate 2); other times, €1.17 in zone A (price rate 2) and €1.20 in zone B (price rate 3).


Journeys from or to the airport, including inside the site, €5.50.

Journeys from bus and railways stations, €2.95.

Journeys to or from Juan Carlos I Trade Fair (IFEMA), €2.95.

Guide dogs, and pets in approved cages, can travel free of charge. Luggage is also transported free of charge, within the capacity of the boot and the roof rack.

You may request a free receipt with the driver's fiscal ID number, amount, date, license number and registration number or printer issue number. You also have the right to choose the route, the volume level of the radio, the availability of payments up to 20 Euros, air conditioning or heating and the turning off of the taximeter on return journeys to the Joint Provision Area and for incidents during journeys, such as accidents, breakdowns or refueling authorized by the passenger.



Since September 2011, you can reach the airport by train. The train has a frequency of 30 minutes, starting from Madrid from 5.15 am to 23.32 hours and from Barajas from 5.59 am to 0.15.

The single fare is 2.15 Euros and free for those with an AVE ticket that have to connect with a flight.

The train reaches the T4 terminal. There is a free bus service to link with the rest terminals.


If you have to take a flight, please check beforehand all details with the airline, if you wish by clicking below link: