Palacio de comunicaciones


In 1903 the government bought lands from the Retiro Park to build the post and telegraph office. Its construction took 13 years due to its huge size. It is said that Trotsky visited Madrid once and upon seeing the scale of the palace called it Our Mother of Communications, referring to its similarity to the size of many cathedrals.

The building combines different styles, from the monumentality of American architecture, to the volume of French architecture, to certain reminisces of Spanish Middle Age architecture. Its facade was designed with a concave shape by the architect to emphasize its grandeur.

A couple of years ago, the office of city hall was moved here upon completion of a spectacular restoration. It’s now open for visits to its gorgeous wide interior, crowned by a colossal vault.  Its iron structure and crystal lighting are great examples of iron architecture from the beginning of the last century.

Make sure you don’t miss the the top of the palace, where at 70m height you can enjoy a great birds-eye view of the city.