Pan de Lujo

The place to experience flavors, where the palate comes first, where eating becomes a way of feeling and living, in a cool unique Deco lighting where lights play to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

At Pan de Lujo, everything invites you to enjoy the experience that Alberto Chicote provides anyone who sits at his table.

The dining room, spectacularly decorated with a warm set of lights of different colors, the wide interior patio, exposed brick walls, the lighted wine rack, it all makes you feel like you are at the coolest venue in Manhattan.

This restaurant is not just a cool place, it is mainly the kitchen, a kitchen that Chicote combines and blends the finest ingredients from every corner of the world, textures and tastes that reach their peak in the kitchen that Alberto so masterfully directs.

Pan de Lujo's cuisine, which transcends borders, without limitations, is a reflection of the freedom with which Chicote understands and experiences the way to create new dishes. This is his cuisine, the result of incorporating the best of each part of the world into our traditional gastronomy,  plus Alberto´s special touch of magic, that surprises us every time we sit at his restaurant. To read more, click here Pan de Lujo